New to Naturism ?

New to Naturism ? ....Nervous ?....... Don't be !

It is very understandable when trying something new for the first time to be anxious be it driving a new car, diving,flying or even visiting a naturist venue. Go, relax, and enjoy yourself. Within a few minutes you'll be happy you did. Naturism is not sexual  and you wont be stared at or harassed by anyone.The more you are nude, the less of a problem any embarrassment will be. Naturism, also called nudism by some, is about de-stressing, relaxing, and returning to nature. It's about accepting yourself and others for who you/they are, how you act, and what you say rather than what you look like, own, or wear. It's not about seeing or being seen.It’s like going barefoot all over. After a rough day at work, you take your shoes off…you know how good your feet feel? That’s the same way the rest of you feels when you undress.BN says that naturism is a way of living in harmony with the intention of encouraging self-respect for others, the environment and feeling free of the artificial barriers of clothing.It is well known that a feeling of wholeness, honesty and well being overcome people when they find themselves laughing and enjoying camaraderie with family and friends in a nude environment.We are lawyers, doctors, secretaries, accountants, engineers, models, teachers, government employees, clergy, mothers, fathers, teens, infants, taxi drivers, your neighbours, your friends.

Most naturists are "clothed when practical, nude when possible."

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