Naturism..a womans view


There are lots of taboos in life, nudity being one of them.  Until last spring I would have said it was taboo for me too.  Nudity was always seen as something to be ashamed of unless you had the ‘perfect body’ or something to keep behind closed doors, only for your partner to see.  This changed for me when I met the man who changed my life, he confided in me about how he used to visit the occasional naturist beach in his past or how when the sun was shining he liked to get naked in the garden, and although not shocked by this I was somewhat put off by the idea of trying it myself. After many discussions on the subject I was persuaded to visit our local naturist beach, St Osyth last June, and nervously stripped off on our arrival….and to be honest I’ve not looked back, it felt perfectly normal and natural……..Why??  Because it is, that’s why.  Nudity is not sexual as we are brought up believing, it’s the way we were born and the most natural and comfortable thing in the world.

Since that first beach visit we have since enjoyed many sunny days relaxing at the beach, or camping at naturist camp sites throughout the summer, and even joined BN (British Naturism) and a local Naturist club. The winter drew in though and it was a struggle to find anywhere to go or something to do where we could relax in a clothes free environment.  That was until we visited the British Naturism Alton Towers weekend in November, a whole weekend clothes free, with a fantastic waterpark to keep adults and kids alike entertained.



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