Essex Naturist Beaches

This guide lists the better known beaches in the British Isles with a known history of use for swimming and sunbathing without clothes. Naturism is also practiced at many other secluded spots. Naturist use of these beaches depends upon toleration and goodwill. Your behaviour and attitude may have an effect on their continuing availability.

Please click on image below for full list and please observe the rules of etiquette at the foot of the page, when visiting these beaches !


Etiquette - Good Manners at the Naturist Beach

Be Nice to your Fellow Naturists!
A trip to a naturist beach is one on life's great pleasures, but it can easily be spoiled by the inconsiderate behaviour of others.

The Golden Rule is: "Don't be a Pest!"

Observing a few  basic rules will ensure that everyone has a great day out!

  1. At most unofficial, tolerated naturist beaches there will be an area frequented by nudists and other areas used by those who wish to remain clothed. Don't risk causing offence by stripping off in the 'textile' areas. If you are unsure which is which, as a rough guide the further you walk from the point of access, the more acceptible nudity is likely to be.
  2. Don't wander nude into textile areas, you may well cause offence. Most nude beaches rely for their existence on the toleration of clothed beach users - please don't jeopardize that goodwill.
  3. Respect the privacy of others, choose a spot a 'polite' distance from other naturists. Don't gawk or stare, it's rude. While naturists are a notoriously friendly bunch, many come to the beach for quiet time alone and don't want to be disturbed. It's OK to make friends, but rude to monopolize a person's time.
    In particular - attention men! - women may not welcome being 'chatted up' by a stranger .
  4. Be careful about taking photographs. While there will be no problem with snapping your family or friends, you should seek prior consent of anyone else who might also be 'in shot'. Not everyone wants to end up in a stranger's photo album. Attempting to take photos of other people's children is likely to provoke the deepest suspicion. Binoculars too, are likely to raise doubts regarding your motives.
  5. Naturist beaches are havens of tranquillity, please be considerate about playing amplified music or radios.If someone aks you to "'turn it down", do so willingly.
  6. Dogs can be a nuisance if allowed to run wild and bark endlessly. A hot sunny day the beach may not the best place for your dog in any case - and you wouldn't dream of locking them in the car would you? Best leave them at home if you can.
  7. Overt sexual activity is no more acceptable on a naturist beach than it would be on a textile one. Nudity is sensual, but sex is for consenting adults in private - save it until you get back home!
  8. Theft on a naturist beach is fortunately rare, but keep an eye on your property and that of neighbouring sunbathers when they move away from it. Chances are, they'll being doing the same for you.
  9. Most nude beaches are remote and do not offer the amenities found at many textile beaches, so be prepared. Bring your own towel, sun-screen, water or other drinks, food, etc. Don't expect others to share these items.
  10. ...and when you have eaten and drunk your fill, take all the empties away with you. Don't leave litter - better still, take away more than you brought with you.
  11. Follow local fire regulations - many of which will prohibit the lighting of fires. Use camping stoves if appropriate - though in some high fire risk areas (such as parts of S.France) even these may be prohibited.
  12. Speak up for our standards. If you see someone - whether a naturist or not - behaving badly, approach them and politely explain why their behaviour is unacceptable.

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