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Our Intentions

The primary motivation for the creation of this website is purely to publicise the cause of naturism and the "Meet And Greet (MAG)" events are held to bring naturists together to socialise and promote naturism. The gatherings are usually held in public venues where everyone is fully clothed, so anyone who is curious about naturism can also attend and find out more about it. At the same time we try to debunk some of the myths, rumours and hearsay that follows the naturist movement .We are after all, just ordinary people choosing not to wear clothes. Our everyday activities and day to day lives are no different from most people, other than what we do or don’t wear. Naturism is fun and being nude helps your body relax faster. When your clothes come off, so do many of the stresses of modern day life. It’s relaxing, makes you feel alive and it’s the way we were all meant to be, completely natural.

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